Licence Categories One of the functions of the Authority is to issue licences in the ICT and Postal sectors, respectively.

ICT Licence Categories In accordance with Section 10 (1) of the Information and Communication Technologies Act No 15 of 2009, the Authority issues the following licenced:

  1. Network Licence: Allows for the construction, owning or making available, an electronic communications network, or to provide a network service; and
  2. Service License: Allows for the provision of one or more electronic communications service.

The 2017 ICT Licensing Guidelines further categorise the Network and Service categories as follows:

Licence Type

  • Network Licence
  • Service (With Network) Licence - Category A
  • Service (Without Network) Licence - Category B

Market Segments

  • International National Provincial District
  • National Provincial District
  • National Provincial District

Note: Licensees are required to ensure that all submitted applications are in line with the provisions of the 2017 Licensing Guidelines.

Postal Licence Categories In accordance with Section (1) of the Postal Services Act No 22 of 2009, a person who intends to operate a reserved or unreserved postal service is required to apply for a licence to the Authority. In accordance with the Postal Services (General) Regulations, 2016, the Authority has the following licence categories:

Public Postal Operator

  • International and Domestic Courier
  • Domestic Courier
  • Local Courier


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