Economic Regulation

Core Functions

Markets and Competition Unit

Tariff Regulation The department is responsible for ensuring that tariffs are efficiently derived in order to safeguard the interest of consumers and at the same time ensuring that licensees are commercially viable. This is a quite challenging function as it is a highly specialized function involving research in the cost of providing a service, coming up with tariff models suitable to the Zambian environment and putting in place an efficient interconnection charges model. Specific duties performed under this function are:- a. Receipt of tariff applications (including filing and acknowledging receipt)
b. Determination of applications a. Evaluation/review of tariffs b. Inputting of relevant data c. Recommendation c. Handling consumer tariff complaints and where necessary institute ex post regulations /investigations d. Review & Updating of regulations & guidelines e. Data collection for tariffs f. Managing cost models

Facilitation of Competition The department is responsible for monitoring the performance of competition in the ICT market in order to prevent monopolistic, duopolistic or oligopolistic behaviours. Competition regulation takes into account appraisal and analysis of business strategies that are used by ICT firms to gain competitive advantage over others i.e. whether legitimate business methods are being used or not to gain market share and generate more revenue by market operators. Specific duties performed under this area include:

a. Competition analysis b. Preparation & publication of markets information c. Management of all anti-competition issues d. Annual determination of Significant Market Player (SMP) e. Management of Competition regulations/guidelines (including review and updating)

Sector analysis It is the duty of the ER department to vigorously analysis the sector and informs government of the policy changes needed to move the sector forward. In this regard, ER performs the following duties:-

a. Macro& micro economic analysis b. Impact assessment c. Trends analysis (local, regional & global) d. Liaison with GRZ & industry on fiscal implications on the sector e. Provision of fiscal information to stakeholders f. Lobbying for incentives from government in behalf of investors

Infrastructure sharing (interconnection/Access/Co-location) One critical issue in achieving effective competition is the promotion and management of infrastructure sharing. This duty is also under the mandate of Economic Regulation and Licensing Department. Specific duties undertaken in the fulfillment of this function are:-

a. Receipt of agreements (interconnection, access and collocation) b. Evaluation/review of filed agreements c. Recommendation/approval of agreements d. Manage and update Interconnection models e. Handling infrastructure sharing disputes a. Investigate complaints b. Convene conflict resolution meetings
f. Compliance monitoring

Policy and Research

Research and Development The ER & L department is responsible for promotion of research in ICTs, development and use of new technologies.

  1. Undertake research in various issues
  2. Organize and hosting of research symposiums
  3. Review and supervision of research proposals for funding
  4. Recommend modalities of promoting investment/manufacturing and production of apparatus
  5. Recommend modalities of promoting Zambian grown ICT solutions

Statistics & Data Management The ER & L department is also responsible for collection and management of ICT statistics which are the key inputs in the various reports produced by ZICTA. Below are some of the duties performed under this function.

a. Design of data collection & management tools b. Data collection c. Data input d. Data analysis e. Production of various reports f. Responding to data queries


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