List of Internet Services Providers 


IWAY Africa Zambia Limited

Africonnect Zambia Limited

Mobile Broadband,  Limited

Isat Africa Zambia Limited

Zamnet Communications Systems Limited

Microlink Technologies

RealTime Zambia Limited

Preworx Limited

Koza Telecomms Limited

Paratus Telecommunications  Limited

A-Plus Technologies Limited

Transaction Payment Solutions Zambia Limited

Dimension Data Zambia Limited

Thunderbolt Electrical Limited

Massnet Innovations Solutions Limited

Roke Telkom Limited

VISAT Communications Limited

Etisalat Telecommunications Zambia Limited

Tel-Plus Communications Ltd


Public Carrier of Carrier are companies that are allowed to sell bandwidth to other entities as a commercial business. This license lasts for fifteen years (15) years and we currently have Five(5) providers.

CEC Liquid

Liquid Telecom is the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in eastern, central and southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs and businesses of all sizes. It also provides payment solutions to financial institutions and retailers, as well as award winning data storage and communication solutions to businesses across Africa and beyond. Put simply, we connect people.


ZESCO Limited

ZESCO Limited is a parastatal company under the Companies Act.  It was established in 1970, and its governance has evolved over time to one that defines an arms-length relationship with Government. This relationship is defined in the Performance Contract that was signed between Government and ZESCO in 1996.

ZESCO Ltd is Zambia's largest power utility. It originated in 1906 when a small thermal station was built in Livingstone to serve a section of the town.

In spite of the Victoria Falls potential, it was not until 1938 that hydro-electric power was first generated at a small station in the third gorge below the falls. In the early part of the last century, power development was mainly associated with the Copper mines hence, several independent thermal stations were constructed.







There is only one company providing fixed line PSTN services.

ZAMTEL Limited - The telephone is the most conventional business tool and helps the business world to complete there business transaction with one another over long distances.